Great Activities at the Ranch and around the Yellowstone Area

Fun Ranch Activities:

  • Give you a ride in the ranger 4 wheeler
  • 4 wheel in our Hummer SUV
  • Target & gopher shooting
  • Try fishing in the creek or down to the Yellowstone River with many accesses
  • Hiking the beautiful scenery
  • Jump on Trampoline
  • Feed ranch animals treats
  • Play with dogs, cats, bunnies, goats, miniature pony & horses
  • Relax in hammock
  • fire pit for real outdoor campfires
  • Stargazing
  • Ranch kids can bring horses for rides & pictures in the yard
  • Neighbor ranch has half day rides with or without lunch $50/$58.00
  • Stagecoach trail tour
  • Sledding and cross country skiing in the winter


  • Hiking (enjoy streams, ponds, etc.).
  • Sledding on Property
  • Jump on Trampoline
  • Feed horses treats
  • Feed ranch animals: chickens, ducks, bunnies, horses, etc.
  • Play with dogs, cats, bunnies
  • Relax in a hammock
  • Stargazing
  • Fishing in stream (tricky)


Check out live video of the ranch at
under Yellowstone Park.  You can also see video of other parts of the world with Adventure Crew.











Living next to Yellowstone Park is wonderful and beautiful, and we do continually adapt to mother nature, whether it be with the wild animals and/or the weather. Some ranch activities are weather and nature dependent such as fishing on the ranch (you will find plenty of fishing down the creek along road and on the Yellowstone River), hiking if the bears are hanging about (it's best to see them from a car, ATV, or cabin) and riding ATV due to dry conditions - though you may still ride on the road.

Great Activities around the Ranch:

The North Entrance at Gardiner, MT is the ONLY Yellowstone Park entrance open year-round for those who want to explore Old Faithful and the thousands of other geysers in the park.

Devil's Slide: A main point of interest between us and Yellowstone Park/Gardiner is the Devil’s Slide. This is a rock formation roughly five miles northwest of Gardiner, MT and it is visible from highway 89, and you can get close to it driving from our road, Cinnabar Basin which runs into Old Yellowstone Trail between us and the park before you get to Gardiner. You can also see the travertine rock quarry. This rock quarry has been instrumental in travertine sales.

Stagecoach Trail Walking History Tour: Go to bottom of our road Cinnabar Basin Road, take a left on Old Yellowstone Trail dirt road which is the stagecoach road from way back. If you went right, you would be going towards Yellowstone Park and Gardiner. Make sure you go opposite way on dirt road (don't cross river and go on highway). While on this dirt road going north, the Yellowstone River will be on your right. I haven't checked the mileage yet, but you drive at least 4 miles or so, go up and down in elevation.

There will be a few spots you could picnic on the river and if water isn't too high, there will be sandy beaches and big rocks to play on. It will start narrowing to go into Yankee Jim canyon. You continue going on a narrow dirt road, river is below you on the right and go until you see signs on your left indicating some history markers. They talk about Jim Bridger who used to charge people a toll to pass through etc.

Get out of your car and walk back going south and you will hit a part of the old stagecoach trail that is blocked off from cars. You walk up it and will see old signage on the rocks that were painted on there in the 1800's for advertisements etc. for the stagecoach travellers going to Yellowstone Park. It's a nice easy walk. You can tell that part of the road due to rocks that were dry stacked at the base of it on both ends that are blocked off. I didn't know it existed until 3 yrs. ago and we enjoyed it as a family and it's not very far and no people really.

Horseback Riding: You have many choices to ride in and near the park or ride in the mountains around our place with our neighbors, Rob Stermitz family 406-848-7862. See their brochure here.

Either one you can arrange when you get here to play weather by ear. We have horses here too that our kids ride, and we can come visit you with them. Remember, if you haven't ridden much, sometimes all day rides are a bit rough, can make you really saddle sore. Kids especially have a harder time lasting that long. You might want to do a half day with one, and a half day with another a few days after?

Roosevelt Lodge in the park also has a a horse riding or ride in their stagecoach/mud wagon to a cookout from the lodge into the hills there. We liked it when we did it. 307-344-7311 is the reservation number and you do have to reserve that one in advance. That place is best reached when you are lodging with us near the Gardiner entrance. Roosevelt Lodge is not very far from here, maybe 1/2 hour.


Recommended Outfitters in the Area:

Here's our recommended list of outfitters and things to do in the area.

Absaroka-Beartooth Outfitters  -  (406) 579 - 3866

Wilderness Connection, Inc.  -  Rob Stermitz family neighbors our ranch for horseback rides   -  (406) 848 - 7862 or (800) 285 - 5482

Yellowstone National Park Lodges, operated by Xanterra Parks & Resorts - 1-866-GEYSERLAND (1-866-439-7375) or (307) 344 - 7901

Yellowstone Wilderness Outfitters  -  (406) 223 - 3300

Big Wild Adventures, Inc. - Backpacking  -  (406) 848 - 7000

Hell's A Roarin' Outfitters  -  (406) 848 - 7578

Whitewater Rafting
Whitewater rafting is a main pastime. There are three rafting companies guests can choose from.

Montana Whitewater Rafting Company  -  1-800-799-4466 or (406) 848 - 7398

Yellowstone Raft Company  -  (406) 848 - 7777 or 1-800-858-7781

Wildlife Watching - Yellowstone Association Institute  -  (406) 848 - 2400

Fly Fishing

Absaroka-Beartooth Outfitters  -  (406) 579 - 3866

Long Outfitting  -  (406) 222 - 6775

Parks' Fly Shop: Specializing in Outfitting Anglers for the Yellowstone Region  -  (406) 848 - 7314

Guided Tours

Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center  -  (406) 646 - 7001 or (800) 257 - 2570

Yellowstone Association  -  (406) 848 - 2400 or (877) 967 - 0090

Yellowstone Raft Company  -  (406) 848 - 7777 or (800) 858 - 7781

Yellowstone Year round Adventures  -  (406) 223 - 2601


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