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Montana Buffalo Ranch Guest Cabin

Come enjoy our cabin in the mountains of Cinnabar Basin amongst the wild animals and our friendly herd of buffalo roaming the private, quiet, and beautiful ranch.

Montana Buffalo Company is located in the Corwin Springs /Gardiner area, in South-Central Montana. We are just above the Wyoming border and Yellowstone Park North Entrance.

Our family ranch consists of 1,100 acres, surrounded by thousands of acres of forest service and wilderness of Yellowstone Park.  We have hiking, horseback rides, fishing, snowmobiling, hot tubing, or just plain relaxing in a hammock amongst the Aspens and wildflowers.

The log cabin is a true log cabin built out of old logs from 1800's from an old ranching family dwelling here in the valley.  We have waterfalls, streams, and a pond in the front yard of the cabin with beautiful views of meadows and mountains.  We are in a very quiet, end of the road area, with lots of privacy, that is 7 miles up into the mountains.

Beautiful Scenery:

  • Gorgeous mountain views
  • It is located in a quiet and beautiful setting on our buffalo ranch
  • Stars at night are spectacular and the Satellites are amazing – like nothing you have ever seen
  • We have ponds, streams and waterfalls around the cabin
  • We have open green meadows and water running by cabin with two baby pet buffalo visiting whom are motherless
  • Summers are beautiful here
  • Open meadows, mountains, hiking trails, and streams that run by the cabin
  • Natural beautiful wildflowers that bloom everywhere
  • You can see Yellowstone from the top of our mountain. It takes about 10-15 minutes by car or 4 wheeler


Enjoy the Nature and Wildlife:

  • We have horses and buffalo that roam the ranch, with yellow labs, cats, chickens, ducks, cows, bunnies, and who knows what else!
  • We have a resident elk herd that hangs here, and being next to the park, you have wildlife that is all around.
  • Unless we fence the buffalo out of cabin area, there will be buffalo with their faces on the windows checking things out.
  • There is a good chance you will be hearing elk bugling throughout your stay, and even when you are trying to sleep. They talk a lot to their female cow elk during this time, and it is very thrilling to hear them.
  • We have a lot of snow and the elk eat all our buffalo hay in the winter.

Great Location:

  • We are all the way up into mountains away from the highways and the public.
  • The beautiful, 14-mile drive to Yellowstone takes about 25 minutes driving down a mountain road and highway.
  • Great Privacy: You are the only people here, and most other places you are bunking next to other cabins, on busy roads etc.
  • We are at 6700 feet
  • Access to Yellowstone Park two ways: You can hike or ride horses from ranch cabin, or drive down Cinnabar Basin dirt road 7 miles to Hwy 89 and go another 7 miles into Gardiner to north entrance (rock archway put up by Teddy Roosevelt, original oldest entrance into Yellowstone Park)
  • Our ranch has trails and roads that can be driven by vehicle, 4 wheeler, or horses.

Cabin Details:

  • Huge 12 x 30 deck wrapped around house
  • Enjoy the deck's chair swing, umbrella deck table, chairs, and BBQ grill
  • Relax on the hammocks (fun to sleep in too! The stars are incredible)
  • New aspen wood floors
  • Rustically decorated
  • Enjoy fire through a window propane stove
  • Big windows to enjoy the gorgeous view
  • Open floor plan with loft (900 sq ft total)
  • Fully furnished cabin sleeps 8 (or 9):
  • 3 double beds: two in the loft & one downstairs by the stairs
  • 1 queen bed in living area
  • Also a leather couch that 1 person could sleep on
  • Room for sleeping bags on the floor, if needed
  • Cozy for two families which in the past have had no problem and have loved staying here
  • None of the bedrooms have doors. The bathroom has a locked door.
  • TV, VCR, DVD Player (but can be removed at your request)
  • Movie Library
  • There are telephones with the ringer off….we can turn ringer on if you want. Most Yellowstone accommodations do not have a phone at all.
  • Email & fax machine available if needed
  • Kitchen is fully equipped with microwave and coffee pot
  • All linens are provided
  • Grocery store and laundromat close
  • Picnic gear available
  • Hiking gear available
  • Kids' swings and trampoline




Team Adventure Crew showcases the adventures and experiences of a couple at the Montana Buffalo Company Ranch Company. RSVP this ranch for your next stay in the Yellowstone National Park area. 

Click on the picture to the left to see the video.



  • No Smoking

  • Sorry, pets are not allowed due to allergies and
    past issues with pets harming the ranch animals

Services Available from Montana Buffalo Co:

  • Grocery shopping
  • If you don't have time to prepare food, we can help for minimal fee
  • Pickup Available from Bozeman Airport for $65
  • Buffalo products are also available

If you decide to fish or ride horses, we can give
you a better deal than you will find elsewhere.


Cabin Testimonials:

We are very flexible and you can decide when you want to do during your stay. We just want you to have a great time like so many others have:

· Helen O'Sullivan, So. Boston, MA
My childhood dream- to come to a ranch in the West. It's just so beautiful! Thanks Tami!

·- The Burns, Black Forest, CO. (transplant from Brooklyn, NY)
Just Wonderful! So warm and peaceful and inviting. Can't wait to return. You've done a great job Tami! Thank You.

 -The Fennegans, Las Vegas, NV
What a wonderful place! This was the best 2 days of our 2 week vacation. You cabin is so warm and cozy. The vast beauty was breath-taking. The little stream coming out from the patio rocks gives off the perfect sound effects to calm and soothe the spirit. The "safari ride" into the buffalo herd and feeding the orphans was so cool! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful ranch experience with us. This is definitely heaven on earth for this city girl! Thanks Tami, I will be back!

 - The Miseners, Las Vegas, NV
What can I say that Karen hasn't already said! Your cabin has calmed my soul. You have a gift here, and your generosity has made it possible to share it with us not so lucky. You can bet I will be back.

·- The Hannas, New Tripoli, PA
Thank you for welcoming us into your "piece of heaven". It is truly beautiful here and have enjoyed getting to know you and your family. This has been very relaxing and just what I needed. Absolutely everything has been perfect and beautiful. Thank you for being so welcoming.

· - McGreevys -Austin, TX
Tami took us to the Roosevelt Lodge Cookout (the famous cookout that books up far in advance) and got us in when they were all booked. Evidently, the McDonalds have been in the area for over a hundred years and Tami was able to pull some strings. The cabin was gorgeous - she is a gifted decorator. We had a fantastic time!

 - The Mullins, Chicago, IL
We couldn't believe what a great deal it was – we have traveled everywhere, and we truly felt like we should have paid per night what we paid for the whole week. We felt so guilty, and we gave her extra money, but she said “No!” and gave it back! Tami is a wonderful person!

·- The Terrells - Tulsa, OK
We had so much fun hiking and exploring all over her huge ranch with the two great yellow Labs (she gave us bells and everything). We had fun throwing sticks for the dogs, who kept the ranch animals far away from us. And caused the Buffalo to stampede. That was incredible. Our son was fascinated by the cool bones he found on our hikes. Tami let us keep a few, and he proudly shows everyone who comes over.

·- The Dworaks, Dallas, TX
Tami taught our son AND daughter how to shoot a 22 Rifle! She is so cool, and the kids adored her. It was such a great story to tell the kids at school. Also, Tami took us in an ATV up 2 different mountains to amazing views, climbing easily over fallen trees, through rivers, and over boulders - We LOVED it!
We travel everywhere with our kids, but they say Montana and Yellowstone was their favorite! Better than Disney, Hawaii, or any Ski Trip! I can't recommend it enough! Tami really made us feel like we were her new friends and could not have been more hospitable or wonderful.

 - The Garneauxs - Louisiana
The McDonald’s 3 year old daughter can ride a horse better than anyone I know! It gave my kids the confidence they needed because they were very nervous about horseback riding…but they felt if she can do it, so can they! They took our family on a great guided horseback riding tour.

· - The Broadways - Houston, TX
Tami has been a flight attendant for 20+ years and traveled the world...she is so nice, so fun, and has incredible stories. We loved her! And her daughters were adorable. We felt like we were visiting family. The winter is fun because you can go sledding and ride her snowmobiles.

 - The McAnallys - Carrollton, TX
It was a perfect home base for all our Yellowstone exploring. But the kids had the best time just hanging out on the ranch. There were so many fun things to do. We went White Water Rafting right by her area...that was fun. I still can’t believe we got to feed baby buffalo with bottles!

· - The Parkers - Pensacola, FL
Our kids were dying to do chores and “work” on a real ranch. She was so nice and let the kids do everything. She showed them how everything worked, what to do, and explained why they do things certain ways.
We also went fishing with Tami. We dug the worms ourselves and rode the horses to the river. Afterwards, we went up a horseback riding trail. What a unique experience!

· - The Griffiths - Albany, NY
We saved so much money by renting a cabin instead of a hotel room. The Log cabin had a full kitchen so we only spent $45 (for the week!) on the fresh food I couldn't pack. She has most things stocked in the kitchen. I cooked breakfast, lunch, & dinner most days to save. We asked Tami to unplug the phone and TV, and it was so nice to have all that time to talk to the kids. Our son read 8 chapter books!

 - The Coxs - Jacksonville, FL
The kids loved feeding the ducks and chickens, baby buffalo and horses. They also loved playing with playing with the cats, dogs, & bunnies. Wonderfully relaxing and beautiful scenery. This place is truly paradise!

 - The Smiths - Grand Rapids, MI
One of our favorite experiences was going out late at night and seeing more stars that you could possibly imagine. It was truly amazing. There are no major cities or lights so you can see all the stars, planets, and even satellites, and it is "The Shooting Star Capital" fact, her address is "Shooting Star Trail!"


It is amazing how many people come this way year after year. We still enjoy going to Yellowstone Park ourselves. We have lived here our whole lives, and it is still a special place. I have traveled the world as a flight attendant, and this is where I choose to call home - There is no place else like it. 

    - Tami McDonald, Montanta Buffalo Ranch

Cabin Pricing:

High Season (June - September):
Rate Per Week
Grandpa's Cabin (4 queen beds, 1 bath) - $1310.00

Schoolhouse Cabin (5 bedrooms, 2 bath) $2140

Low Season ( September - May):
Number of People
Rate Per Night
$5 per night
cheaper for
one week
1 - 2
3 or More (up to 8)
Over 8
  • We require half down, sent by mail, to reserve your dates.
  • Balance is due 30 days prior to arrival.
  • Departure and Arrival times are for whatever works for all of us. Just let us know, and we will work it out.


  • 7% Montana State Accommodation Tax is required
  • We have no sales tax


  • Discounts available for longer stays


  • 50% deposit is required to hold a reservation
  • Deposit can be refunded if we can re-book the dates
  • No minimum night stay

Payment Methods:

  • Cash
  • Personal check
  • Travelers checks
  • Sorry, no credit cards

Cabin:  Setting | Details | Services | Testimonials | Pricing | Activities | Slideshow | Directions

Montana Buffalo Co.
569 Cinnabar Basin Road, Gardiner, MT 59030
1-800-CORRALL     Fax: (406)848-7007
Email:  [email protected]

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