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Our ranch is nestled at the end of Cinnabar Basin 7 miles north of Gardiner, Montana, the original north entrance of Yellowstone Park. 

The closest airport is Bozeman, MT. (BZN), 1.15 hours to the west of us, Billings (BIL) is 2.5 hours to the east of us.

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Map From LivingstonComing from Bozeman, Billings, Livingston, you take exit 333 at Livingston, go south on Hwy 89 towards Yellowstone Park. From Livingston, our turn is 7 miles north of Gardiner around 43 miles south of Livingston. You go through Yankee Jim Canyon with the river on your right and 7 miles before Gardiner you hit Corwin Springs and the sign is on the right just before our turn. You take a right at Cinnabar Basin Road which is before the Lighthouse Restaurant which is up on your left. Go over Yellowstone River, take a right at stop sign and the sign says Cinnabar Basin Road and Old Yellowstone Trail. Don't go left there as that will take you into the park.

You meander up the dirt road and stay left curving left up into the mountains. Stay on the road closest to the mountain which is Cinnabar Basin Road leaving the river. If you don't stay left closest to mountain you will continue back Livingston way on the Old Yellowstone Trail away from the park and will be driving along the river. This Cinnabar Basin Rd is approximately 6.5 miles with a beautiful creek that changes from your right side to your left side a few times as you meander up here. Don't go left into Mulheron Creek or into anyone's driveways.

You still come up the Cinnabar Basin Road almost to end and when it opens up into a big basin, you need to take the first driveway to the left. There is a mailbox that says McDonald and a jack leg fence that lines both sides of the driveway and a big ole creek on the left. Straight ahead you will see the bigger schoolhouse cabin with dormers, some outbuildings & old unoccupied, unrestored cabins to the left and behind it. You will curve left before these buildings, cross the creek, then curving right and straight down the road that is at the base of a mountain, the creek being at your right now. Look for Grandpa's Cabin on your right which will be before the log shop straight ahead.

From Gardiner

From Yellowstone National Park and Gardiner, you come north on Hwy 89 out of Gardiner 7 miles and turn left right after the Lighthouse Restaurant (has yummy Thai American food) on Cinnabar Basin Rd and continue on with directions above.

You can also take the Old Yellowstone Trail that was used by the stagecoaches in the old days. From the Park rock arch (official entrance of Yellowstone Park), you go straight north past the Gardiner Elementary and High School, past the park's historic museum and meander on a dirt road which is still park for approximately 3 miles. The last 4 miles or so is still the old road and you run right into Cinnabar Basin Rd and will notice the bridge you cross from the highway and continue on straight and left up into the mountains. This old road usually has a lot of antelope, mountain sheep, buffalo and elk. This is the road that in the winter there are daily round ups of buffalo trying to leave the park and lots of political people hanging around harassing each other.


Same directions as Grandpa's Cabin, except when you turn left into driveway, you will see the Schoolhouse Cabin.

It is the newly restored log hand hewn house with dormers straight ahead. There are a couple of outbuildings to the left of it and another old unrestored cabin behind it. We just use these for storage.

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