Montana Buffalo Ranch Photo Album:


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Shai on ATV with Buffs (17kb) Adorable Baby Buffalo playing with Daddy and Shai in the house (63kb) Oh! Baby Buffalo with a Diaper on in the house!!  So cute! (72kb)
Cute Baby Buffalo in the Kitchen (57kb) Daddy and Shai Playing with the Baby Buffalo (61kb) One of Our Yellow Labs, Baby, and a Buff (16kb)
Another Example of a Hide Blanket (50kb) Nice views from the Cabin (24kb) Cabin from the entrance to our land (12kb)
Calamity Kissing Baby Alexis! (13kb) Dan Feeding Orphans Near Cabin Meadow (16kb) Eric Feeding a Baby Buffalo in the House (33kb)
Feeding Orphan Buffalos with Bottles (12kb) Good Panoramic of our place from the other side of our ranch (71kb) Guest and Shai on Griz (9kb)
Herd Down by the Creek (14kb) Rainbow (6kb)
Mom and Baby (10kb) Pond by the Cabin (15kb) Shair and Her Horses: Griz and Black Jack (50kb)
Sunset - View from Cabin (10kb) Shai at Livingston's June Fishing Derby (71kb) Shai on Horse (16kb)
Adorable Shai playing with her bunnies (66kb) Shai (4) and Alexis (2) (54kb) Shows two areas where beds are with the staircase (68kb)
Another gorgeous sunset (8kb) Tami and Shai at the Fishing Derby (64kb) Trapper on our Ranch - Just hanging out (38kb)



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